The match no one cares about

At first we were going to write a preview for the third-fourth place playoff, like we try to do for the other matches, and then we hit a wall. Writers block? Nope, it’s this “match” they call the third-fourth place playoff. In a nutshell, it is a totally pointless game (how much sense does it make to pit two losers against each other in a knockout tournament!?!?!). Even the teams participating give little or no value to this match. Dejected at having lost the chance to lift the World Cup (at such a late stage!) and receiving the ‘cruel’ reward of having to play a “best of the losers” match is no consolation.

How the teams line up

Will he get another chance?

Most teams decide to field their second string of players (read: subs/reserves), giving them their first chance to play at the World Cup. A few first team players, who are on the verge of a milestone (Miroslav Klose) or don’t need any rest, complete the starting line up.

Audience reception

With the build up and anticipation for the final, it’s tough to care for a third-fourth place match. Most people (read: the average football fan) don’t even realise that such a match takes place a day before the final! News coverage is generally low and even the most devoted of fans don’t take up much interest.

World Cup ‘legacy’

South Korea - 2002: 3rd place.. or 4th?

More than anything, both teams are remembered for making the semi-finals. Many people don’t remember who the third place winners were specifically, but they’ll be able to list out the losing semi-finalists (Germany/Portugal in 2006, South Korea/Turkey in 2002, Holland/Croatia in 1998). Even a win is generally played down with little or no celebration. Basically, the only legacy they leave behind is a tiny imprint in history books.

PREDICTION: Germany to easily win this. A poorly motivated Uruguay will stand no chance!


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