Varese 2-0 Milan: So pathetic it’s actually funny!

For those of you who don’t know (that includes me :/) Varese plays in Seria B. It took me half an hour to even find their bloody Wikipedia page!

This was how our team lined up: Abbiati; Grandpa1 Oddo, Bonera, Great great grandpa Kaladze, Grandpa2 Jankulovski; Abate, Ambrosini, Flamini; Seedorf, Pato, Borriello.

We conceded 2 goals in less than 30 minutes (Did we even have a team on the field or what?) and eventually lost(read as ‘got our asses handed to us’).

The only real bright spot I can see in all this is that our defence which conceded 2 goals (that too against Varese, COME ON SERIOUSLY? ) comprised of NO-ONE who will actually start for Milan come august when Seria A kicks in(and by that I mean Nesta, Silva, Zambrotta, Antonini, Papa). And I think it’s pretty obvious the likes of Oddo, Jankulovski, Kaladze are synonyms for useless.

In other news, Oddo has officially extended his contract till 2012 with reduced wages( In all honesty, HE should be paying Milan to play for the club) and Milan are reportedly trying to do the same with 79-year old Kaladze, in the sense extend his contract, but spread his salary over the contract period. All this trouble because Kaladze refused to leave the club(sure why not, where else can you sit on the bench, abuse the coach and management, talk about how the club ‘owes’ you and then still get paid 3 million or the likes). That effectively means that if some club are unbelievably stupid enough to buy Kaladze from us (Hell he wouldn’t even start for Varese I bet), Milan pockets in a decent profit.

Our real pre-season beings on the 31st of this month, when we face Arsenal in the Emirates Cup. If we are close to being even half as rubbish as we were yesterday, we can expect Arsenal to..ermm run rings around us and somersault their way to a comprehensive demolition.

That said the Emirates cup will give Allegri a platform to try out all the players and decide on what formation suits us best. I hope he’s realized today Oddo, Jankulovski and Kaladze have nothing to offer the club and playing them is taking a step backwards. Unlike last season though, we’ve got a deeper defensive department this season. Nesta and Silva will start and Zambrotta, Antonini and Papa will be our full-backs. Onyewu has returned from injury and Yepes is there too, so barring an Arsenal-like injury list (God forbid), it’s safe to say we won’t have to rely on defenders past their expiry date. Good luck to him then, as he..umm manoeuvres his way past Kaldze’s and Jankulovski’s walking sticks!

Galliani has reportedly said that Ronaldinho will stay till 2011 and beyond. I’m kinda just starting to feel that Ronaldinho will stay this season. Nothing’s confirmed yet; In today’s world, words count for nothing. If ‘Dinho stays, then Allegri has to take it upon himself to get the best out of him. With last season’s motivation of making it to Brazil’s WC squad now seemingly gone, Allegri has a major task in dealing with our team’s ‘star-attraction’. (Yes, that’s what our club president Berlusconi called him, WTH, what are we, some circus now?!).

Forza Milan.


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