Tche, tche, Barcelona!

It really looks like Barcelona need to make up their mind. While they have kept saying here and there that they will respect Arsenal’s stand not to sell Fabregas, they have later gone on to show no respect with all their players barfing all over the papers about their love for Arsenal’s captain.

The latest reports have Busquets “accepting” Arsenal’s stand…

“He is a great player that would add a lot to the team, but we have to respect that he is owned by another club that is not Barcelona, that he is an Arsenal player and, for the time being, there’s nothing to be done.” – Busquets

But, wait! In typical Barca fashion, Lionel Messi has started harping to the media about how great Fabregas would be at Barca. A snippet from the same report, heck, it’s the very next line:

Lionel Messi, though, is still hopeful an agreement can be reached. “I would be delighted if he came,” he said on Wednesday. “We played together as kids [in Barca’s youth team] and he knows the club.”

For people who are new to this, this is all part of a transfer saga that has been
1. Ongoing since Fabregas was ‘stolen’ from Barca by Arsene Wenger back in 2003 (Barcelona’s POV)
2. What transfer? (Arsenal’s POV)

Probably time for Barcelona to realise they’ll have to wait at least one more season. And hopefully by the time they have him, they won’t be pawning him off on New York Red Bulls after two seasons.


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