Germany v/s Argentina – Player ratings


Neuer – 7
Confident in goal, held the ball well and wasn’t tested too strongly by the Argentines.

Lahm – 8
Absolutely stunning in both attack and defence, the Argentines seemed to ‘ignore’ him in the first half and he made life difficult for them with his wonderful crosses. Made some excellent tackles and clearances in the box in the second half.

Friedrich – 8
His wonderful defensive performance was capped with a goal in the second half. Went on a few attacking runs as well, setting up counter attacks. Solid at the back, Mertesacker and Friedrich made sure Neuer was hardly troubled.

Mertesacker – 7

As solid as Friedrich, his intimidating 6 foot 5 frame took care of any danger in the air or in the box.

Boateng – 7
Made an excellent interception in the first half when Germany looked like they might concede. Held his own against all the attacks Argentina came up with down his flank. One or two sloppy giveaways didn’t hurt the team.

Schweinsteiger – 8
Average in the first-half and lucky not to be carded for getting his boots on Tevez(?)’s knee. The second half was a totally different story as he took advantage of the space given to him by going on probably the best run so far in this tournament, getting past 4-5 defenders and setting up Friedrich for a tap-in. He went on a few other runs and improved in his defensive duties as well.

Khedira – 6

Probably the only German member to not do much in the game, Khedira conceded sloppy fouls and like his defensive partner Schweinsteiger, was lucky to not go into the books for studs-on-knee.

Ozil – 6
Didn’t influence the game as much as he normally does for Germany, Ozil wasted counter-attacks and should have scored a few sitters early on to kill the match. Created problems for the Argentines by regularly switching positions.

Podolski – 8
Tracked back well for Boateng and intelligently broke up play with a foul when Argentina were getting forward. An amazing shot that just missed the target in the first half wouldn’t have helped Romero’s nerves before setting up Klose’s goal in the second half.

Klose – 8
What a way to mark your 100th match. Two goals and numerous other chances created, Klose was instrumental in every German attack. Should have scored a sitter in the first half (from Muller’s pass). Excellent finish (volley) for his second goal.

Muller – 8
Maradona definitely knows who this chap is now. Scored in the third minute and set up a great chance for Klose. His amazing pass to Podolski set up Germany’s second goal. A great performance in all. A slightly harsh yellow means he’ll miss the semis though.

Subs – N/A
No significant influence

Coach: Joachim Loew – 8
Calm though excited in celebrations. Attacking on the counter hit Argentina harder than they would have imagined. Moving all the attacks to the left of the field in the second half created all their goals.


Romero – 4
Should have done better with the first goal, but in reality Germany just exposed him for the nervous player that he is.

Demichelis – 5
Couldn’t do much to stem the flow of goals from Germany. Horrible positioning.

Burdisso – 3
Should have done better to mark Klose for Germany’s second goal. His poor performance left fans wondering what would have been if the ‘rock’ Samuel was in his place.

Heinze – 3
Couldn’t do much throughout the game and a horrible dive in the first half set him up for what would be a frustrating evening.

Otamendi – 4
His foul led to the first goal for Germany. While he improved in the rest of the first half, he just crumbled to all the German attacks down his flank in the second.

Mascherano – 3
Just when you need a good defensive midfielder the most, Mascherano imploded. Should have done better dealing with the German midfield and Mascherano’s inability to get in the tackles meant Germany had an easy time in attack.

Rodriguez – 4
Invisible for most of the game, couldn’t exert the kind of pressure Veron usually manages.

Tevez – 7
All Argentina’s attacks and intent came through Tevez in the first half. Ran all around the pitch, worked to win every ball and the lack of support from midfield meant Tevez was never going to be able to do much more than he did.

Messi – 6
Although he did go on some amazing runs getting past two, even three German defenders, Germany refused to allow him the space to shoot. All his shots were blocked and his free kicks, from dangerous positions, were way off. Didn’t push much into attack in the first half and Argentina’s dependence on Messi showed.

Di Maria – 7
In a refreshing change from his wasteful self throughout the tournament, Di Maria set up most of Argentina’s attacks. Posed problems down the right flank and always showed intent. Bad finishing and lack of support were his only problems.

Higuain – 5
One or two good runs but strayed way offside for his ‘goal’. Didn’t contribute much up front with Tevez and didn’t receive any significant chances to score either.


Sergio Aguero – 5
Too late to influence the game. Tried to make a few runs but was easily stifled by the German defence.

Coach: Diego Maradona – 2
When coaching his team of ‘superstars’ against relative minnows, he could get away with his horrible team selection skills. Even gloating about snubs like Zanetti and Cambiasso, this match would in no way have been the same with the immovable Zanetti playing in place of the ‘clumsy’ Otamendi. Cambiasso’s hard tackling and skill would have probably set Germany back a significant amount, but would definitely have been better than Mascherano’s “pooh-poohing” tackles/fouls. Horrible tactics, no efficiency in defence or midfield and the only reason his attack stood is because of the quality of his players. Exposed by the first strong team he met.

Referee – 7
Spot on, except for a few fouls by Germany. The amount of clashes in the first half hour made life difficult for him.


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