Who’s going to take the Cup?

The lineup right now: Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ghana.

Elimination method no. 1:
Goals scored by opposing teams
From 1994, World Cup winners have not had another team score against them (this excludes own goals) in the group stages.
Based on this: Uruguay

Elimination method no. 2:
Home-grown coaches
From 1930, only teams with home-grown coaches have won the cup.
Based on this: Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Netherlands and Uruguay

Elimination method no. 3:

Pele: Brazil will be knocked out in the group stages - World Cup 2002

Pele has (with one exception) successfully kicked most teams out of the world cup with his predictions. In 2010 so far he has eliminated Italy, France, England and 5 of 6 African teams with his MAAAAAD prediction skillz. His other picks were Brazil and Spain (both of whom have faced stiff competition from minnows North Korea and Switzerland respectively). He has also insulted Maradona, Argentina’s coach and his methods time and again and despite admiring Germany’s youngsters for THEIR MAAAAD skillz has said that they won’t win the cup, meaning in all likelihood, they will.
Based on this: First priority: Argentina, Germany. Second priority: Netherlands, Uruguay, Paraguay.

Elimination method no. 4:
Based on this: Brain (Brazil/Spain)

Elimination method no. 5:
Home support
Only Brazil have won the World Cup outside their continent.
Based on this: Brazil, Ghana


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