Player ratings – Brazil v/s Netherlands


Cesar – 4
A: His defensive error lead to the goal. Also wandered outside the box alot towards the end, almost allowed Holland a third

Bastos – 1
H: Conceded free kick, allowed Sneijder to pass to Robben, who passed back to Sneijder, who crossed for first goal. COMPLETELY his fault.
A: Also fouled Robben numerous times, lucky not to get a red! Didn’t do a thing to stop Robben.
H: Yeah, played right in to Robben’s gameplan.

Lucio – 6
H: Didn’t marshall the defence for aerial balls…
A: But he did show intent and run up the field and also put in some very good tackles!

Juan – 5
A: He put in some decent challenges. But he should have scored with his header in the first half. Would have killed the game.

Maicon – 6
H: No decent attack by Holland from his flank and he gave some decent balls in.

A: Made some runs. Lost the ball quite a few times. And was frustrated pretty early on… which may have affected Brazil.
H: Yeah nothing special from him, but not too bad either.

EPIC FAIL. Yes, you!

Felipe Melo – 1
H: Okay Melo… if we gave Bastos 1, what the hell do we give this fella?
A: Melo gave that wonderful through ball… and dumb, VERY DUMB red card when you’re 2-1 down in a quarter final at the World Cup. And an own goal.

Gilberto Silva – 6
A: Seemed invisible for most of the game.
H: Because that’s his job, keep it simple and quiet. If he is invisible without making obvious blunders, I guess it means he had a decent game.

Kaka – 7
H: I mean HE was suppsoed to be the one to unlock tight defence, he din’t do that.
A: He did draw fouls (and should have been given some more). He threaded in some balls past the defence.

Robinho – 7
H: Started brilliantly, then just faded off, and was more interested in fighting.
A: Yeah, mouthed off van Bommel in the beginning, then the ref and towards the end Robben as well.

Dani Alves – 6
H: Was explosive at times, gave that ball which Juan wasted, his back-heel set up Kaka’s shot… made a difference.
A: Blasted free kicks out of the park.
H: Though I mean he gives what Dunga wants, right? That little fire and fight up front.

Fabiano – 5
A: Tough one. Can’t blame him much. He didn’t get supply.
H: The point is he was inactive for large parts of the game, but then he was starved of decent service anways!
A: Did he have any shots on target??
H: Yeah i don’t think so, none i remember..

Gilberto Melo – 4
H: Was not as bad as Bastos, but that was because Holland were less intent on attacking with the lead. Nothing worth talking about.

Nilmar – N/A
H: Didn’t touch the ball, no rating.

Dunga – 5
H: Brazil looked complacent in the second half man.
A: Decent strategy but should have removed Bastos way earlier (and calmed Brazilian nerves). His strategy was working in the first half.
H: Yeah, most importantly he came up with NOTHING special to counter the threat of Robben… I mean it was his undoing in the end, not double-marking Robben or something like that. Maybe he underestimated Holland as a team or Brazil as a whole would be more than what Robben alone could create, not sure, but that was his mistake.


Stekelenburg – 6
A: Pulled off an excellent save in the first half and screwed up with a corner, but luckily wasn’t punished.

with a corner*

Ooijer – 4
A: Made some tackles, but kept Robinho onside for the goal.

van der Wiel – 6
A: Brazil couldn’t attack from his end and he stayed back and defended instead of frequently running up.
H: VdW, yeah, ditto.
A: Just like holland would have wanted.

Heitinga – 6
A: Made some decent to excellent tackles at first though he was lucky not to be punished for the errors that he made later.

van Bronckhorst – 3
A: Couldn’t deal well with maicon or any of the attacks down his flank. Kuyt had to run back a lot and help.
H: Yeah, Maicon owned him. But, he had Maicon and Alves to deal with…pity the guy.
A: And Kaka and Fabiano at times!

Man of the match: Oh, it was nothing!

Van Bommel – 9 & De Jong – 8
A: Total rock
A: Amazing, they totally stopped Brazil’s attacks.
H: They did their job.
A: And they WERE the defence when most of Holland’s defence went packing. De jong was a little sloppy.
H: I mean De Jong totally won the midfield battle, along with Bommel, that’s why.

Sneijder – 9
A: Always set up Robben in the 1st half for Netherlands’ only chances. Created the first goal, and scored the second. What more can you ask for?                                                   H:Whatever he said! Plus, he had the presence of mind to take a quick free-kick, which caused the first goal.

Robben – 7
A: Didn’t really “play” much football, but drew all the fouls that caused Brazil to implode. Lost the ball by trying to dodge the Brazilians a little too much, and missed an easy chance that van Persie set him up for.
H: Yeah, he ripped Bastos to pieces, with ease. All of Holland’s attacks were from his side, and he made sure his effort paid off.

Kuyt – 7
A: Won the ball many times, tracked back well, worked hard though lacked the finishing touch. Started and set-up many of the attacks and kept tracking back well for Van Bronckhorst.
H: His flick-on created Holland’s second goal too.

Robin Van Persie – 6
A: Didn’t allow Gilberto Silva to “cover” Juan for any corners (when they were trying to score like they did against Chile). Set up Robben for a sitter too (which Robben missed) and made lots of intelligent runs at the defence.
H: Agreed, for a decent defensive display, extra marks.
A: And sent free kicks WAY WAY off target from decent positions as well.

Huntelaar – 3
A: Came on too late but flubbed the only decent chance he had when holland set up a late counter to kill the match.
H: If Brazil had equalized, he would have been slaughtered back home!

van Marwijk – 6
A: Stuck to his good old strategy; Got Robben to keep drawing fouls for the second half which REALLY REALLY worked and made Van der Wiel stay back, etc.                   H: And Holland looked motivated in the second-half, whatever he said in the dressing room had some effect.

The Ref(s) – 7
A: Decent calls, except maybe should have given some fouls on Kaka and been more harsh on Robinho and Bastos.


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